SDG Applied Research Unit

The SDG Applied Research Unit is a critical priority for 17AM to build and expand the Global Goals knowledge base and understanding. Aided by our global partnerships, we offer the framing, strategy, research, data, and measurement to help advisors at financial intermediaries engage in SDG-based strategy with their clients and construct related portfolios. Our research also provides institutions with ongoing social and financial insight and performance around each Global Goal. This combined knowledge and research, as well as our ability to adapt to the newest technologies in the field, allows us to formulate a framework that we utilize across our business. We believe this is an important need for the industry as a whole.

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The Applied Research Unit’s provides practical and execution-oriented input for the Asset Management part of the business and therefore is a 17AM differentiation.  This unit provides the intellectual foundation and the key value-add to the asset management team and envisions being a key resource to the industry.

The SDG Applied Research Unit is comprised of four components:

a) investment framework and mapping

b) investment strategy

c) impact measurement and validation

d) training and knowledge resource


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