Asset Management Fellow - Sindhu Janakiram

Sindhu is currently studying to earn his MPA from the NYU Wagner School in the Social Impact, Innovation, and Investment specialization.

Coming from the structured and hierarchal world of financial services consulting, my summer fellowship at 17 Asset Management was a truly unique learning and development experience. I was able to work on projects that touched every facet of the company as well as carve out my own space to add value. I began the fellowship by editing The Case for Investment in Jordan, a research report designed to attract investment to 17AM’s SDG Jordan Growth Fund. My time working on the report gave me a crash course in Jordan’s investment landscape as well as how to effectively connect research and sales strategies. Throughout the middle of the summer, I moved on to assist a Research Associate on the firm’s Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) Strategy, especially as it pertained to the SDG Jordan Growth Fund.

I then spent a fair amount of time overhauling the firm’s strategy and marketing collateral, which was especially helpful as firm leadership was pursuing a fundraising round. This process involved working with the CEO and other key personnel to determine key selling points for the firm and effectively communicating these points in a variety of deliverables. Finally, I spent the last part of the summer assisting in an effort to develop an Advisory function at the firm. This involved first determining a go-to-market and client outreach strategy as well as an assessment of how the firm’s core competencies could be utilized in an Advisory capacity. I really enjoyed that amid the beautiful chaos of a startup environment, I was able to work on truly impactful project while being given the space to control my own destiny and determine what work I thought could add value and ultimately be helpful to the firm’s long-term prospects.

Grace Stone