Investor Relations Fellow - Sama Sarraj

Sama is a rising senior at Columbia University, where she is studying to receive a BA in Psychology.

Over the summer, I spent almost two months helping 17 Asset Management’s team flesh out their capital formation plans, primarily working under the Director of Operations, Holly Garrett. With the company still at its earlier stages, I helped kick off various investor relations initiatives, using platforms such as Pitchbook to conduct research on investments in various geographic regions and industries. Much of my work involved helping the company find potential investors for the Series A round of financing as well as for the Jordan Growth Fund, which is in the process of being launched. I also handled the company’s Salesforce account, learning how to track and enhance investor communications and outreach.

I loved the relatively flat organizational structure of the company, as everyone was equally approachable and welcoming, excited to help me learn about matters that were foreign to me. Whether it was listening to Cara, Head of Research, talk about impact measurement strategies, or helping Sindhu, a fellow intern, work on the company’s deck, I learned an incredible amount about both the worlds of investment and social impact. Despite the fact that I am an undergraduate student with little experience in the world of finance, I was able to sit in on executive meetings, even accompanying John Morris, the CEO, to meetings and networking opportunities with potential investors. This was probably one of the highlights of the internship for me, since I would have never imagined myself attending high-profile meetings at such a young age.

I also very much enjoyed feeling that my insight and contributions were valued, especially as a Jordanian woman. Being part of an initiative that contributes to the social and economic development of Jordan was very rewarding, and feeling that I am part of that process made it all the more enjoyable.

Grace Stone