Research Fellow - Eli Emigh

Eli is currently studying to earn his MPA from the NYU Wagner School in the Social Impact, Innovation, and Investment specialization.

I chose to work with 17 Asset Management this summer for people, passion, and purpose that defines the company. As a smaller team and new startup in the financial services sector, 17AM has offered me the chance to engage in exciting and meaningful projects through market research, product design, investment strategy, and impact measurement & management. My primary work streams this summer focused on building a private equity fund for inclusive investment and sustainable development in Mexico, creating the concept for a climate fund, blended finance research, and creating a tool to analyze enterprise level performance and valuing impact related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These experiences ignited a deep passion for the impact investment space and sustainable development finance. During my work on the Mexico fund, I was given the opportunity to work with the Head of Structured Finance to support the scoping phase of considering place-based investment vehicles to create impact and drive development. Through producing an internal report, I learned to consolidate key takeaways and learnings to be actionable recommendations for investment strategy, key stakeholders, and developing a feasible impact investment thesis for the fund. These materials are now serving as the basis to inform design sessions and the next steps of the product design process. Across various market and investment research, thought leadership, and supporting SDG-investing through product design I have developed an appreciation for the depth of global challenges. The answers to these challenges require complex strategies across public and private stakeholders. 17AM has provided the foundation for how to tackle challenges of sustainable development and financing. The answers to our global challenges, and attainment of these global goals, requires strategy that engages public and private sector stakeholders towards mutual impact and financial outcomes.

Grace Stone