Private Equity Fellow - Aashish Jain

Aash recently received his MBA from Columbia University.

As a post-MBA graduate, I was excited to delve into a myriad of impactful projects in a summer with 17AM. Throughout my 3 months, I worked on three major projects throughout the summer, including creating a decision matrix for identifying potential markets for investment, a playbook for the firm’s design thinking approach to investments, and due diligence research for two fund investment opportunities.

In addition to my main projects, the fluid nature of the firm still in startup mode provided me the flexibility to work on many other projects such as creating a diligence checklist for venture and late-stage investments, brainstorming firm investment strategy and synthesizing new partnership opportunities into slide decks.

Working with 17AM challenged me to consider social impact as an equal measure of an investment’s success to financial return, and in doing so, I learned about the powerful capability of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework and tool for asset management. The summer exposed me to intelligent and motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds, working with MBA graduates, interns pursuing degrees in social innovation and public policy, and others pursuing the Fulbright to better understand and contribute to global impact. I was fortunate to meet hedge fund managers and corporate lawyers rallying to bring social impact into the mainstream consciousness and I met grassroots change makers who, for decades, had exemplified passion for real social and economic progress.

The summer’s midpoint intern retreat provided me with fresh perspective and a better understanding of how each intern project fit into the firm’s overall strategy. The summer culminated in a local visit to explore a city-based fund, the result of six weeks of research and extensive stakeholder conversations which validated the idea that the SDGs can be a useful tool for initiating conversations and driving change. Overall, the summer was a productive, fun, and insightful experience and I am grateful to have learned about impact tools that I will carry with me in future roles.

Grace Stone